All Eyes on You


All Eyes on You

12-min Time Cap:

** You and your partner-trade on/off


100 cals rowing

100 cals assault bike


5-min rest 


26-min Time Cap:

100 Front Squats

400m Run TOGETHER 

80 Pull-ups

400m Run TOGETHER 

60 Hang Power Clean

400m Run TOGETHER 

40 Wall balls (Heavy)

400m Run TOGETHER 

20 Shoulder to over head


L1: 115/85, CTB Pull-ups, 30/20

L2: 95/65, Regular Pull-ups, 20/14

L3: 75/55, Banded Pull-ups or Jumping Pull-ups, 16/12

L4: Goblet Squats, Ring Rows, DB Hang Power Cleans, 12/10, DB Shoulder to over head