American Honey


American Honey

Skill: Snatch

Strength: No Strength

Metcon: With a Partner!

3 Rounds:

25 Synchro Wall Balls

50 Double Unders (Per person)

200m Farmer’s Carry (Both ppl go out and switch whenever)

Rest 2-mins then,

Take 4-minutes to find a 1RM Snatch (For both Athletes)


L1: 20/14 (Synchro at the bottom), 50 Unbroken DUs, Black/Blue

L2: 201/14 (Synchro at the bottom), 50 DUs, Blue/Red

L3: 14/12 (Synchro at the bottom), 25 attempts (+) 25 Singles, Red/Orange

L4: 12/10, 50 Singles, Orange/Yellow