Another Level


Another Level

Skill: Warm-up then Mobilize for Squats 


Strength: Week 3 of 9 Front Squats

Part A: Instructions- With a 15-min running clock find a HEAVY Pause FS (7 sec in bottom/15 in FR Postion)


Part B: Instructions- With a 15-min Running clock Apply 85% of your “Heavy” for (3-3-3) Same Pauses as above


Metcon: Against 8-mins… 

800m Run 


Ascending Ladder: Burpee (+) T2B 

Ex.) 1-1, 2-2, 3-3, etc.


L1: 800m Run, T2B (Increments of 2)

L2: 800m Run, T2B, Increments of 1 

L3: 600m Run, K2E, Increments of 1 

L4: 400m Run, Ab-Mat Sit-ups, Increments of 1