April Lucky 13 – Gary Van Sluis


April Lucky 13 – Gary Van Sluis

Here is this months Lucky 13 club! 13 visits or more gets you in the club. If you think you should be on this list and are not, email [email protected] Each month we will randomly select a member from the Lucky 13 club and they will receive a prize!

Gary Van Sluis is the lucky member for April 2019 :).

Congratulations to everyone who made the Lucky 13 Club! Great work in the gym and I’m glad to see how dedicated you all are to your training!

Lucky 13 April

29Soto, Alan
24Van Sluis, Gary
22Worthington, Philip
21Fitzpatrick, Matt
21Mann, Tara
20Dubois, Mark
20Skelton, Jean
19Diego, Norell
19Marino, Phil
19Miller, Brent
19Moen, Leslie
18Bigbie, Shannon
18Briner, Cheryl
18George, Francis
18Hall, Adam
18Matheson, Scott
18Morales, Maddie
18Pervitsky, Vera
18Vevera, Corey
17Austin, Kristin
17Matheson, Whitney
17Solesbee, Ashley
17Stevens, Bailey
16Brisley, Ellen
16Crecink, Elisabeth
16Miller, Melissa
16Williams, Christopher
15Alston, Reyna
15Cernasov, Paul
15Klifto, Chris
15Mansfield, Zack
15Schwager, Samantha
14Brisley, Robert
14Gabbard, Daniel
14Knight, Lee
14Shkolnikov, Bobby
14Wise, Lauren
13Bernhard, Sam
13Calvopina, Maria
13Ducos, Wesling
13Hernandez, Maria
13Hutchins, Antony
13Merritt, Carrington
13Walz, Bridget