If you are interested in the gymnastics seminar, it is coming up on  November 16!  Allison is great at teach all gymnastics movements including pull-ups, handstand pushups and ring work.  You can sign up here.

Next Saturday is the “Helen Meets Grace” WOD during our 9 and 10am classes to support Breast Cancer research!  Everyone is welcome to WOD that day, but we hope you will also consider donating or starting your own fundraising page to support this worthy cause.


Push Press 5-5-5


AMRAP in 9 Minutes:

Sprint 100m

11 situps

11 air squats

Sprint 100m

22 situps

22 air squats

Sprint 100 m

[continue adding 11 reps to sit-ups and air squats each round]

Rest 2 minutes

AMRAP in 9 Minutes

Sprint 100m

11 Push-ups

11 Box jumps

Sprint 100m

22 Push-ups

22 Box Jumps

Sprint 100m

[continue adding 11 reps to push-ups and box jumps each round]