Between the Lines


Between the Lines

Wednesday June 19th:


Nice work with today’s Shoulder auxiliary movements and Partner workout :). 


20-rep Back squat day! 

Try to add 5-10lbs from last week. 

When you are done, take a breather and then begin to warm up to your deadlifts. 

Tough workout, stick to the level you typically follow. 


Skill: Mobilize for Squats 

Strength: Week 3: 20 Rep Back Squats 

*Try and add 10lbs from last week 

Metcon: Against (18)-mins… For Time 

200m Run 

15 Deadlifts 

30 Wallballs 

400m Run 

12 Deadlifts 

24 Wallballs 

800m Run 

9 Deadlifts 

18 Wallballs 

L1: 225/155, 20/14

L2: 185/135, 20/14

L3: 135/95, 14/10 

L4: Heavy KB DL, 10/8