Boarded a Plane


Boarded a Plane

With a Partner:

AMRAP in 8 Minutes:

Partner 1 completes 5 Power Cleans

Partner 2 completes 10 Abmat Situps

Both Partners sprint 100 meters.

Switch Movements and continue.

Rest 2 Minutes

AMRAP in 14 Minutes

5 Pushups

7 Box Jumps

9 Shoulder to Overhead

One partner will begin on the triplet.  Partner 2 will complete a 50 meter farmer carry and run back.  Tag your partner and they will run 50 meters and farmer carry 50 meters back.

Rest 2 Minutes

Complete as many meters on the Rower, Airdyne, Ski Erg (or run) as you can in 6 Minutes with one partner working at a time.  Switch as needed.