Boom, Clap!


Boom, Clap!

Thursday June 6th: 


Nice work with the last week of sets and reps with Pull-ups and Dips. Next week we Re-test each of those and excited to see your hard work pay off. 

If you missed Deadlifts this past Monday, be sure to get them in. 





We start our 20 Rep back squat program. It’s 4 weeks long and ideally you will try and add 5-10lbs each new week. 

Keep up the hard work and see you in the gym


Skill: Week 1: 20-Rep Back Squat 

Strength: Back Squat

1 set of 20 

Metcon: (4)-Rounds For time with Intervals:

 2-min, 2-min, 3-min, 3-min, 3-min

20 DUs

12 Front Rack Lunges

20 DUs

12 Bar Over Burpees

1-min Rest Between Interals 

**Objective: Complete 4 Rounds. Work within the intervals with 1-min Rest between intervals. 

**Pick up where you left off when interval resets 

L1: DUs, 115/85, BFB

L2:DUs, 95/65, BOB

L3: 1/2 attempts, 75/55, BOB

L4: Singles, DB Lunges, Reg. Burpees