Break up the Sounds


Break up the Sounds

Monday September 3rd: Labor Day!!!

With a Partner:

Score=Total Weight Accumulated

6:00 Deadlifts (Each person only allowed 20 Reps; Must Share Barbell) 

3:00 Rest-

6:00 Power Cleans (Each person only allowed 20 reps; Must Share Barbell)

3:00 Rest-

6:00 Shoulder to Overhead From Rack (Each Person Only Allowed 20 Reps; Must Share Barbell)

3:00 Rest-

6:00 Snatch/ Power Snatch (Each Person Only Allowed 20 Reps; Must Share Barbell)

**If you do not complete/ miss a rep, it counts as one of your 20 reps, therefore you get a “zero” weight for any missed rep**

Purpose of the Workout:
We are scoring the total amount of weight lifted BUT you have a limited number of attempts. 

During each 6:00 round, each partner will have 20 attempts to lift and your score is the sum of all successful attempts (a failed rep=0lbs). 

This means you have to be strategic with what weight you choose, coordinating with your partner to change the weights, how many reps to do in each set, and how much rest to take. 

We are doing this same format with 4 different lifts. Get ready to do a lot of addition!