With a partner, dividing reps as the partners decide, one person working at a time:

25 minute AMRAP of:
25 reps of push-up
25 reps of pull-up
25 reps of wall ball
25 reps of toes-to-bar
25 reps of box jump
25 reps of kettlebell swing
25 reps of burpee
200 meter run


US Army Specialist Brennan K. Conklin, Retired, 25, of Durham, NC, formerly assigned to the 2nd Engineering Battalion, 595th Sapper Company,  died on September 15, 2013 from invisible wounds of war.  Brennan was deployed for nine months in northern Afghanistan when an IED attack left him with an injured back, TBI, and PTSD.  A year after his deployment, he retired from the military, and upon returning home, found it difficult coping with PTSD, chronic pain, and civilian life.  A year later, he took his own life.  He is survived by his wife and son, a mother and father, two sisters and a brother.  Let us not forget that veterans returning home need our help more than ever, and let us thank Brennan for reminding us of that.  
If you feel so inclined, you can donate here to help our military returning home get the help they need.