Bright Skies Drifting


Bright Skies Drifting

Skill: Ring Dips


Strength: Every 3-mins for 15-mins (5 Rounds)

(X) Ring Dips

(X) Strict Chin-ups


L1: 8-10 Ring Dips, 5-8 Strict Chest 2 Bar Chin-ups

L2: 5-7 Ring Dips, 5-8 Strict Chin Ups

L3: 10-15 Pushups, 8-10 Ring Rows w/ Pause @ top and Bottom

L4: 5-8 Pushups, 6 Ring Rows w/ Pause @ Top and Bottom


Metcon: 4-Rounds—(3:00Work/1:00Rest)

25 Wallballs

10 Burpees

Remaining Time: AMRAP HSPU

*Score= HSPU in Remaining Time 


L1: 30/20, Strict

L2: 20/14,  Kipping HSPU

L3: 14/10, Max HS Hold

L4: 10/6, Pushups