Lucky 13 Club


Lucky 13 Club

Lucky 13

We are excited to announce the formation of our new Bull City Lucky 13 Club!

What is it?
A monthly club made up of dedicated BCCF athletes

What is the purpose?
Everyone can use a little push now and then to make it to the gym.  And for those who never have a problem mustering the will to train, a little recognition for the effort may be just the thing now and then to help stay on the right path.

Who is eligible?

How does one become a member?
Attend 13 or more workouts in any calendar month
Membership is determined each month

What do members get?
Another reason to get to the gym regularly
Kudos from your fellow athletes and Coaches
Website and Facebook recognition
Never ending glory

The inaugural members of the BCCF Lucky 13 Club will be announced in early December!