Wednesday January 30th: 


Solid work with all the DB Snatches and HSPU today.


Fun complex with Push Press, Push Jerk, and Split work. Spend some time mobilizing shoulders from today, and get after the complex. 

DON’T EXCEED 80% of your Push Press in the Strength (BUILD THOUGH THE 4 SETS) 

Happy Wednesday, and see you in the gym :). 


Skill: Jerk Footwork

Strength: 4 sets Building in the Complex— (Don’t Exceed 80% of Push Press) 

2 Push Press (+) 3 Push Jerks (+) 1 Split Jerk

Rest 2:00 b/w sets

Metcon: 16-min EMOM—

1)Bike x 12/10 Cals 

2)Row x 15/12 Cals

3)5 Heavy Push Press (from the rig)

4) Rest

L1: 15/12 Bike, 18/15 Row

L2: 12/10 Bike, 15/12 Row

L3: 10/8 cals Bike, 10/8 Cal Row

L4: 8/6 cals Bike, 8/6 Row