Can you dig it?


Can you dig it?

7-min. AMRAP:

Accumulate as many Weighted burpee box step-ups as possible in 7-mins

Partner 1- weighted burpee box step ups

Partner 2- Double-unders (For every 100 Double unders completed, adds 10 points to their burpee total).

**Score=number of  weighted burpee box step ups

**Switch whenever you want

L1: 50/35, Double Unders

L2: 35/20, Double Unders

L3: 20/15, 1/2 single unders-1/2 Double under attempts

L4: 15/12, Single unders 1 to 3

3-min rest

14-min AMRAP:

3-Push Jerks

6-Front Squats

9- Hang Power Cleans

Partner 1- Working through the 3..6..9..

Partner 2- Holds barbell overhead

**If overhead barbell hits the floor, WORK STOPS :).

**Score=Rounds and Reps

L1: 155/105

L2: 135/95

L3: 75/55

L4: 45/35 or DB of Choice

3-min rest

6-min CAP

Find your 1RM of a 3 position snatch

-Hang snatch (+) Snatch from the knee (+) Snatch from the floor (TnG)

*Hold onto the barbell through the complex

**Score=Add partner’s total together