Line Drive

Skill: Kipping/Bar Muscle Ups Review Stations/Review Standards for Open Style Lunge  Metcon: 20-min EMOM 1.) Ski Erg/C2 Bike  2.) D-Ball OTS  3.) DB Lunge  4.)...
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Dark Horse

Skill: HSPU  Strength: Every (3)-mins…for (12)-mins 4 Split Presses  8/Arm DB Bent Over Row  12 DB Rolling Tricep Extensions Metcon: Against 16-mins… 3 Rounds For...
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Suit & Tie

Skill: Power Clean  Strength: Every 90-seconds for 10 Rounds (15-mins)  1 Power Clean Instructions: Start at 60% and increase 5/10lbs UNTIL FAILURE!  *Once you fail:...
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Power Hour

Skill: Hang Clean  Skill: Push Press: 5-5-5-5-5 *All at the same weight: 60-70%*  Metcon: Against 15-mins… For Time!  45 Deadlifts  30 Hang Cleans  15 S2OH ...
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Down the Middle

Saturday August 17th:  ———————————— Every 5 minutes for 5 rounds (After Run, Split However) 400m Run (Together)  30 American Kettlebell Swings  20 CTB Pull-ups  L1:...
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Tip Toe

Friday August 16th:  ———————————— Awesome work on a tough week!  Tomorrow: Touch and Go Cleans.  See you in the gym  ———————————— Skill: Touch & Go...
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End of the Road

Thursday August 15th: ———————————— Solid work with the Bench Press and Bar Muscle Up work today!  Tomorrow: Lower Accessory Work  See you in the gym...
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Fast Car

Wednesday August 14th:  ————————————— Tomorrow… we Bench 🙂  Hope everyone enjoyed the partner workout today.  See you in the gym. ————————————— Skill: Bar Muscle Ups...
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Double Back

Tuesday August 13th:  ———————————— Tough workout today-nice job!  Tomorrow: Snatches then a partner workout.  See you in the gym  ———————————— Skill: Snatch Complex  Strength: Snatch...
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