Chained to the Rhythm


Chained to the Rhythm

For Time: 30-100m Sprints

*1 Person works

*1 Person rests

(4-mins rest from the last team to finish the sprints)

15-min AMRAP

10 Full Cleans

10 Pull-ups

60 Double-Unders

*Teams may break up the reps however

*1 person works the other person rests

*Rounds and reps=score

(4-mins rest)

8-mins to find your 5-Rep Max Over Head Squat (for today)

*Barbell must come from the ground

*Score is your Highest 5Rm within the 8mins added with your partner’s 5RM


Level 1: 185/135, Chest-to-bars, Double-Unders

Level 2: 155/ 105, Pull-ups, Double-Unders

Level 3: 95/65, Pull-ups, Singles

Level 4: Heavy Goblet Squats, Ring Rows, Singles