Charged up


Charged up

Monday June 10th: 


Hope everyone had a relaxing rainy weekend! 

Tomorrow: Bench Press and Cardio 

Monday: Bench Press 

Tuesday: Back Squats (20-rep Week 2) 

Wednesday: Cleans

Thursday: Re-Test Dips & Pull-ups 

Friday: Deadlifts (Wendler Week 2) 


Skill: Double Unders 

Strength: Bench Press: 5-5-5-5-5

*Keep the weight the same 

In between sets (4): 

1-min Plank (Weighted or unweighted) 

(Rest 1-2-mins Between Bench Press and Planks) 

Metcon: Endurance: Every 3-mins… for (15) mins (5-Rounds)

250/200m  Row/Bike/Ski

50 Double Unders 

10 Dips 

*If you have a large class, have ppl start in different movements. Help to keep a log jam at Dips/Cardio*

L1: Unbroken DUs, Dips 

L2: DUs, Dips 

L3: 200/150m, 1/2 att. (+) 1/2 Singles, Banded dips/Dips off a box 

L4: 200/150m, Singles, Dips off a box