Cheap Thrills


Cheap Thrills

Tuesday June 4th: 


Awesome work with week-1 Deadlifts. 

Tomorrow: Snatch Balance/High Hang Snatch/OHS

**If you aren’t the best Overhead squatter, please look to your coaches for scaled options INSTEAD of the OHS.** 


Skill: Snatch Balance/Hang Snatch/OHS

Strength: (2) 5-min EMOMS (Rest/Transition b/w the 2)

1.) 5-min EMOM: Pausing Snatch Balance

(2) Snatch Balance with 0:02 pause in bottom (Catch)

2.)5-min EMOM: Pausing High Hang Snatch

High Hang Snatch with 0:02 pause in catch 

*Doesn’t have to be Squat 

Metcon: 12-min AMRAP 

400m Run 


4 OHS 

L1: SHSPU, 155/105

L2: HSPU,115/85

L3: Scaled HSPU, 65/45

L4: 200m Run, Regular Push-ups, DB Squats (Open Style)