City Lights


City Lights

Monday January 14th: 


Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! 


HSPU as the skill. Work with your coaches on your efficiency, and hand positioning. 

Metcon will get spicy fast, start slow and progress through the rounds. 

See you in the gym 


Skill: HSPU 

Strength: 9 min EMOM

1 – (8) Strict Press @ 65%

2 – Farmer’s Carry Hold (0:45)

3 – HS Holds (Scale to Plank) (0:45)

Metcon: 5 Rounds—(90-sec Work/30-sec Rest)

20/16 Calorie Row

Remaining Time: Max Handstand Push-ups

Score= HSPUs across the 5 Rounds 

L1: 24/20 cals, Deficit HSPU (4”/2”)

L2: 20/16 cals, HSPU

L3: 16/12 cals, HSPU (Scale with stacked plates & Ab-mat) 

L4: 12/8 cals, Pike Push Ups