Thursday May 23rd: 


Bench day tomorrow right into a Partner workout :). 

Metcon is follow the leader style. If the leader catches the follower, the leader must rest until the movement/station is completed. 

Have fun with this one, and see you in the gym 


Skill: Lat/Pec Mobility

Strength: 3 Rounds—

1:00 Max Reps DB Bench Press (AHAP)

15 Band Pull Aparts after each set

Rest 2:00 b/w sets

Metcon: For Time: With a Partner (Follow the leader Style): 21-18-15-12-9

Russian Kettlebell Swing


Cal Row or Ski

*If the leader catches the follower. Leader must wait until follower completes mov’t

L1: Black/Blue, Ring Push-ups

L2: Blue/Red, Push-ups

L3: Red/Orange, Mod. Push-ups 

L4: Orange/Yellow, Mod. Push-ups