CrossFit Total – 2014


CrossFit Total – 2014

crossfit-total-imageWe’ll be running our first CrossFit Total Meet for our athletes on Saturday, December 6th in conjunction with CrossFit Durham!

  This meet is designed specifically for ALL OF YOU! Special equipment not required and everyone is already very familiar with the lifts! Everyone should sign up to compete! It’s FREE!

  The three lifts contested will be the Back Squat, Press, and Deadlift. This event is only open to BCCF athletes, coaches, and special invitees. No special equipment is required, but weightlifting shoes are encouraged.  

  A bad ass trophy to show off lifting prowess will be awarded to our Top Pound For Pound Male and Female lifter.  This means EVERYONE has a chance to compete for the trophy regardless of body weight .bull city deadlift

We will use multiple platforms and racks for this event, but everyone will lift in ascending order (weight on the bar) and all lifts will be judged by a referee.  Beginning with the Back Squat, the weight will start at the lowest declared attempt, and move up from there until every competitor has completed their 3 attempts. We will then move on to the Press, and then to the Deadlift. Additional platforms and racks will be set up for staying warm between lifts.

Spectators, photographers, and cheerleaders are all welcome, and encouraged!

This will be a great opportunity to set PRs and challenge yourself under a bit more formal setting than just our everyday workouts. Our primary goal is to have fun, push each other, and see some big PRs! You’ll be surrounded by friends…go big!

There is NO FEE to participate. There is NO minimum weight that you need to lift to participate. There is NO excuse for anyone to skip this event!

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Send any questions to Jack, [email protected]