Days go by


Days go by

In teams of 2: 


12 1-minute Rounds:

100m Run

7 T2B

Remaining time: D-ball over the shoulder or Slam-balls

L1: 120/100

L2: 100/80

L3: 100/80 or Slamball: 35/25

L4: Slamball: 25/15

Goal= D-balls or Slam-balls across 12 rounds 

(3-min Rest) 

15-min AMRAP 

400m Run

30 Ab-mat Sit-ups

15 Deadlifts

Teams of 2: work side by side with one another before moving to the next exercise. 

L1: 250/175, GHD Sit-ups

L2: 185/135, Weighted Ab-mat Situps (14/12)
L3: 155/105, Ab-mat Sit-ups

L4: KB DL (Heavier than normal), Ab-mat Sit-ups

(2-min Rest)

Within 4-mins 

Max S2OH

Switch every 30-seconds

L1: 135/95

L2: 115/85

L3: 105/75

L4: DB Shoulder to OH