Dialed in


Dialed in

Saturday May 12th:

4 Rounds (Trading Movements) 

10 OHS 

15 Ab-mat Sit-ups 

10 DB Weighted Box Step Overs 

L1: 135/95, 15 GHDs, 70/50 (If you don’t have DBs use KBs in place for wtd. Step ups) 

L2: 95/65, 15 Ab-mat Sit-ups, 50/35 

L3: 75/55, 15 Ab-mat Sit-ups, 35/20 

L4: Goblet Squats, 15 Ab-mat Sit-ups, 20/15

(3-min Rest from last team to finish) 

18-min AMRAP… Starting with and every 3-mins 50 Double-Unders/Person

50 Assault Bike Calories

50 HSPU 

50 Air-Squats

50 Pull-ups 

L1: 50 DUs (Unbroken), Deficit HSPU (4”/2”), Pistols

L2: 50 DUs, HSPU, Air-Squats, Kipping Pull-ups 

L3: 1/2 Attempts (+) 1/2 Singles, Air-Squats, HR Push-ups, Jumping or Banded Pull-ups 

L4: Singles (No ratio), Air-Squats, Reg. Push-ups, Ring Rows 

(3-min Rest) 

In (4)-minutes Heavy Isabel… In remaining time Max cal Row 

L1: 155/105 

L2: 135/95 

L3: 105/95 

L4: DB Snatches 

2-scores= Isabel Time (+) Cals on the rower 

**Only 1 person can work at a time