Disco Kids


Disco Kids

Friday January 18th: 


You guys were moving super fast and well on those Deadlifts today, good work! 


Muscle-up Practice/Drills to start. Work with your coaches on where to start if you don’t have a MU, and what to focus on if you do have MU. Everyone has something they are working on :). 

See you in the gym.


Skill: Muscle Ups 

Strength: 3 Rounds (3:00 Work/1:00 Rest) 

400m Run

AMRAP Front Squats @ 70%

L1: 400m Run 

L2: 400m Run 

L3: 300m Run 

L4: 200m Run 

Metcon: 5 Rounds for Time!

7 Ring Muscle ups

7 DB Squat Cleans 

L1: 7 Ring Muscle-ups, 70/50 

L2: 3 RIng Muscle-ups, 50/35 

L3: 10 Jumping CTB Pull-ups, 35/20

L4: Pull-ups/Assisted Pull-ups, 20/15