Down with The Strictness


Down with The Strictness

Friday January 4th: 


Skill/Accessory work for the Strength.

Then on to Push and Pull (Metcon). 

**Look to your coaches for scaling-want everyone to have an opportunity to finish :). 

See ya in the gym! 


Skill: Strict HSPU

Strength: 3 Rounds for Quality

-2 Wall Walks

-30 sec Wall Facing Hold 

-12-16 alt KB/DB Seesaw Rows

Seesaw Rows:

Against 13-mins… For Time: 


Strict Pull-ups

Strict HSPU

L1: Strict HSPU, Strict Pull-ups 

L2: Strict HSPU, Strict Pull-ups (Start on the Round of 9 or 8) (up to 1 Ab-mat)

L3: Seated DB Strict Press (35/25), Ring Row w/1 count pause at the top of each rep

L4: Close Grip Pushups, Tough Ring Rows