Everyday I wait


Everyday I wait

Skill: Power Cleans


Strength: Power Cleans

Complete 10 Single PCs @ 70% every :15-seconds

(Rest 1-min) 

Complete 8 Single PCs @ 75% every :20-seconds

(Rest 1-min) 

Complete 6 Single PCs @ 80% every :25-seconds

(Rest 1-min) 

Complte 4 Singles PCs @ 85% every :30-seconds


–Coaches note: complete the 10, rest, complete the 8, rest; & so on–

–Coaches note: These are singles, complete with the tempo then rest before moving on–


Metcon: With a Running clock…2 Rounds for Time: 9-6-3

Power Cleans

Bar over Burpees

Rest 2-min between Rounds 

–Coaches note: Include rest into score (Time)


L1: 185/135, BFB

L2: 135/95, BOB

L3: 95./65, BOB,

L4: DB Cleans, Reg. Burpees