Feel it


Feel it

Skill: Rope Climbs


Strength: Part A & B 

A.) Within 12-mins… Bench Press—3 Rep Max Bench 


B.) Max Effort Reps: 90% of 3 Rep Max


Metcon: 18 Min AMRAP (For Quality)

30 Sit-Ups

1 Rope Climb

30 Kettlebell Swings (Russian)

1 Rope Climb

30 Plate Hold Lunges

1 Rope Climb

30 Burpees to a Plate

1 Rope Climb


L1: Black/Blue, 55/35lb. Plate, Legless

L2: Blue/Red, 45/25lb. Plate

L3: Red/Orange, 25/15lb. Plate, Laying 2 Standing (Rope Climbs)

L4: Orange/Yellow, 15/10lb. Plate, 5 Double DB Bent Over Row