Fine China


Fine China

Wednesday January 9th:


Hope everyone enjoyed today’s METCON… Super fun to coach and watch everyone cycle the barbell. 


Core work, Accessory Press, and a spicy 3 rounder. 

Have fun, and see you in the gym 


Skill: 6-min TABATA— Plank


Right Side

Left  Side

Strength: Floor Press

3 x 10 @ 60-70%


Strict Pull-Ups/Banded Strict

3 x Challenging Set

*Pick a number that is challenging, keep it the same across the 3 sets. 

Metcon: Against 12-mins…3 Rounds For Time 

250m Row

15 Wall Balls

3 Over The Shoulders (Sandbag/D-Ball)

15 Wall Balls

3 Over The Shoulders (Sandbag/D-Ball)

L1: 300m, 20/14, 120/100

L2: 250m, 20/14, 100/80

L3: 250m, 14/10, 80/60

L4: 150m, 10/6, 40/30 Slam-ball