Flank Steak With Fig Salsa and Special Deal From Relay Foods!


Flank Steak With Fig Salsa and Special Deal From Relay Foods!

Before I get to the recipe for this week, I want to thank everyone for coming out to the Grand Opening Celebration on Saturday.  We had a great time seeing everyone and trying out the different vendors.  I hope some of you had a chance to try out Relay Foods.  They were running a special if you signed up on Saturday, but if you missed the chance to sign up, here’s a link to get $30 in free groceries:

$30 in Free Groceries at Relay Foods

I’m trying them out this week.  The sales person said the prices are comparable to Harris Teeter and Whole Foods.  I usually shop at Harris Teeter so I went online and did a price comparison.  Some items are more expensive at Relay Foods, but others are cheaper.  For example, the hummus I usually buy is $1.50 cheaper at Relay Foods than at Harris Teeter.  I would say that with the price differences going both ways, it probably evens out.  There are some pretty good selections for local meat and vegetables, but you won’t be able to find everything you can at the grocery store.  For example, I thought about buying some frozen shrimp this week, but Relay Foods doesn’t have any.  What I like most about the online shopping is it makes it easy to stick to your grocery budget since you can see your total as you add things to your cart.  Relay Foods delivers your groceries to various pick up locations throughout town and there is no charge for the service.  Harris Teeter also has grocery pick up services, but it costs $4.95 per trip.  Try it out and let me know what you think.  Relay Foods is new to this area; maybe with enough interest we could get a pick up location at the gym!

Now on to this week’s recipes.  We have a fig tree in our backyard so I’ve started to try out recipes where I can use all those figs before the birds and the squirrels eat them all.  This recipe for flank steak with fig salsa is one of my favorites.  I’m also including a recipe for Fig and Bourbon Fizz which is a great summer drink.

Flank Steak With Fig Salsa

Fig and Bourbon Fizz