Tuesday December 11th: 



Kicking things off with TABTA core work. 

For the Bench Press, weight should be on the “Heavier” side. Once you finish your set of bench press, jump right into your challenging number of pull-ups. Re: Pull-ups, pick a challenging number, and have it be the same across the rounds. 

Metcon: A little on the spicy side. Cardio implement ideally should be 1-min or under, then race through those Box jumps so you can have as much time as possible for your S2OH. 

Score is S2OH across the 5 rounds. 


Core: 4-min TABATA

Front Plank

R Plank

Front Plank

L Plank

Strength: Bench Press

5 x 3 (Moderate to Heavy weight) 


Strict Pull-Ups (Strict with Bands or Ring Rows)

5 x (Pick a challenging number and have it be the same through the 5 Rds.) 

Metcon: (5 Rounds) (3-min Work/1-min Rest)

20/16 Cal Row/Bike/Ski

15 Box Jumps

Max Effort: Shoulder to Overhead

L1: 24/20 cals, 24″/20″, 135/95

L2: 20/16 cals, 24″/20″, 95/65

L3: 16/12 cals, 20″/16″ or Step 24″/20″, 65/45

L4: 12/10 cals, Step 20″/16″, American KBS