Give you Wings


Give you Wings

Tuesday November 27th: 


Squats were looking good and speedy, keep up the hard work :). 

Tomorrow: Deficit Snatch Grip DL and DB Bent Over Row. Stand on plates so that you have a 2-4” lift off the floor. Work on good positions through the DL (Regular up/3-seconds down). CLIMB in WEIGHT. 

After hitting the accessory, gear up for the HEAVY Deadlifts. If the levels are too lofty, just use them as guidelines. Coaches will give you A LOT of time to get ready for them. 

Have fun and see you in the gym. 


Skill: Review the Stations

Strength: Every (2)-mins for (12)-mins… 

(4)  Snatch Grip Deadlifts <0:03 Down/Regular up>  (Standing on Plate: Not to exceed 65% 1RM) 

(10) DB Bent Over Row (Per Arm) 

Metcon: (4) 2-min AMRAPs 

5 Deadlifts 

50 Double Unders 

(Rest 2-mins) 

*Pick-up where you left off**

L1: 335/235

L2: 255/175

L3: 185/135, 100 Singles 

L4: HEAVY DBL KB DL, 100 Singles