Going the Distance


Going the Distance

Tuesday August 6th: 


Nice work with today’s Snatches and Running. 

Tomorrow: Push Press

Metcon is dealing with intervals. If you aren’t getting any rest, scale the reps or weight. Ideally want you to have SOME rest. 

See you in the gym 


Skill: (9)-min EMOM

Station 1: Challenging # of Pull-ups 

Station 2: 150/100m Row (Recovery Pace) 

Station 3: Challenging # of Push-ups 

Strength: Push Press: 5-5-5-5-5 

*All weights should be the same across Sets: 60-70%**

Metcon: (4) Rounds every (4)-mins..

15/12 Cal. AB 

9 Deadlifts 

6 Box Jump Overs 

3 Bar Muscle Ups 

L1: 225/155, 30″/24″, BMU 

L2: 185/135, 24″/20″, 2 BMU 

L3: 12/9 Cal. AB, 24″/20″ (Step-overs), 6 Kipping Pull-ups 

L4: 12/9 Cal. AB, 20″/17″ (Step-Overs), 6 Ring Rows