Got the only key


Got the only key

Attack of the minutes!!

*1 person works/1person rests

*Score= total reps

*Teams will rotate starting in the 4’s down to 1’s

4-mins on Assault Bike

4-mins of 100m run (100m=1)

4 -mins of Row (cal)

3-mins of FR Lunges

3-mins of Wall balls

3-mins of KBS

2-mins of Double Unders

2-mins of Sit-ups

2-mins of Burpees

1-min of Pistols/Air-squats

1-min of Push-ups

1-min of Slam-balls


L1: 135/95, 30/20, Black/Blue, Pistols, Push-ups

L2: 115/85, 20/14, Blue/Red, Pistols, Push-ups

L3: 95/65, 14/12, Red/Orange, Air-squats, Push-ups

L4: DB Lunges, 12/10, Orange/yellow, Air-squats, Push-ups


3 min rest then, 


7-mins Max Effort:

Buy-in: 30 Dball over the shoulders,

Max OHS in remaining time 


L1: 120/100, 155/105

L2: 100/80, 135/95

L3: 50/35, 95/65

L4: 25/15, Goblet squats