Grand Armor


Grand Armor

Thursday April 18th:


Well hopefully the 5/12 pauses were better than the 7/15 🙂 

Nice work! 

Tomorrow: Halting snatches, take a peek at the link below. 

See you in the gym 


Skill: Halting Snatch

Strength: E2MOM x 6 

1 Halting Power Snatch (just above knee)

1 Power Snatch

Start at 60%, Increase each round if possible

Metcon: Within (15) minutes… 4 Rounds

200m Sprint

8 Power Snatch

16 Box Jump Overs

L1: 6 rounds, 155/105, 24″/20″

L2: 135/95, 24″/20″

L3: 95/65, 20″/17″

L4: 75/55 or DB Snatch AHAP, Step-ups or plate jumps

*goal is to pick heavier snatch weight (might need to increase weights, then do lots of cardio. 

Box jumps seem longer but hoping the heavier snatch slows ppl down on snatch