Happy Halloween!!


Happy Halloween!!

Skill: Mobilize for Squats 


Strength: Front Squat-

10-10-10 (60% of 1RM) 


1 MAX Set @ 60% 


Metcon: (4) 2-min AMRAPS: 

2-min AMRAP (1): 

6/4 Cal. Bike/Row

6 Front Rack Lunges 




2-min AMRAP (2): 

6 Pull-Ups 

6 Front Squats 


**The intent of this WOD is to KEEP MOVING.. Thats why L1 is NON CTB** 

**Rotate through the AMRAPS: 1,2,1,2= 4**

*2 Scores= Lowest AMRAP score for each


L1: Reg. Pull-Ups (By Design), 115/85 

L2: Reg. Pull-Ups, 95/65

L3: Reg. Pull-ups (Assisted or Non-assisted), 75/55 

L4: Ring Rows, DB Squats (Open Style), DB FR  Lunges (Open style)