Hard to Camouflage


Hard to Camouflage

In Teams of 4
AMRAP in 8 Minutes
Shoulder to Overhead [95/65] (each team will have two bars, one person works at a time)

REST 1 Minute

Relay Line Sprint – 25 meter, 50 meter and 100 meter
Team member 1 will sprint 25m, team member 2 will sprint 25 m, team member 3 will sprint 25 meter, etc. After everyone has run 25 meters, each team member will run 50 meters. Teams finish with a 100 meter sprint each.

Team runs 400m together

Row Relay – Each team member will take turns rowing 250m. Everyone must row twice.

Thruster Relay – Each member takes turns doing 10 Thrusters (95/65). Each member will do three rounds.

Row Relay – Repeat the rowing relay.

400m run together.

Line Sprint Relay