Head on Straight


Head on Straight

Skill: Muscle ups/Transitons 

*incorporate core stability for MUs and PJs


Upper: Push jerks

*Take 20-25 mins to find a heavy Push Jerk for the day




Against a 5:00 clock 

800m Run

4 Muscle-ups or 8 MU Transitions

20 Double Unders

1:00 rest 

Against a 4:00 Clock 

500m Run

3 Muscle-ups or 6 MU Transitions

30 Double Unders

1:00 Rest 

Against a 3:00 Clock 

300m Run

2 Muscle-ups or 4 MU Transitions

40 Double Unders


*Score=Time left over between the rounds 

L1: MU (4,3,2), DUs

L2: MU (3,2,1), DUs

L3: MU Transitions, DU attepmts + singles

L4: Ring Rows (10,8,6), Singles