Monday July 29th:


Bench Press Tomorrow! 

Hope everyone had a great weekend! 

Rest of the week: 

Tuesday: Back Squats 

Wednesday: Cleans 

Thursday: Aux Pressing

Friday: Deadlifts 


Skill: Ring Dips 

Strength:(12)-min EMOM 

Station 1: 6 Bench Press 

Station 2: 6/Arm DB Bent Over Row 

Metcon: (14)-min AMRAP 

100m Farmer’s Carry 

15 Tall Box Jump Overs 

10 Ring Dips 

5 CTB 

L1: Black/Blue, 30″/24″, Strict Dips 

L2: Blue/Red, 30″/24″, Kipping Dips 

L3: Red/Orange, 24″/20″ (Step-Overs Allowed), Banded Dips or Dips off Box 

L4: Orange/Yellow, 20″/17″ (Step-Overs), Dips off a box