High Hopes


High Hopes

Friday April 5th:


Hope those DB Squats felt easy in comparison to the Pause FS :). 

Tomorrow: Snatch Balance and a Partner Metcon.

Partner up and see you in the gym. 


Skill: Snatch Balance 

Strength: Snatch Balance: Find your heaviest weight 3-3-3-3

Against (24)-mins… With a Partner (8) Rounds (4/Person) Trade Full Rounds

20 Cal. Row 


5 Snatches (Power or Full)

L1:155/105, 4″/2″ Deficit HSPU 

L2: 115/85, HSPU 

L3: 15/10 Cal., 75/55, 6″ HSPU 

L4: 15/10 Cal., 65/45, DB Push Press