Hold Fast


Hold Fast

Thursday December 20th:



RDLs and Split Squats. Pick a partner, and rotate through the movements. Rest 1-2mins between sets. 

RE: Accessory work. Want to see folks moving well. Focus on quality reps. 

See ya tomorrow! 


Skill: T2B


Strength: Accessory 

RDLs 3×10

Bulgarian Split Squats 3 x 10


Metcon: 18 AMRAP

200m run

3 T2B 

3 box jump overs

200m run

6 T2B

6 Box jump overs

200m run

9 T2B

9 box jump overs

… continue increasing reps by 3 after every 200m run


L1: 300m run, T2B, 24”,20”

L2: 200m run, T2B, 24”,20”

L3: 200m run, K2E. 24”/20” (Step-overs)

L4: 100m run, Ab-mat Sit-up, 20”/17” (Step-overs)