Hold On (12-22-17)


Hold On (12-22-17)

Skill: Review/Set-up the Stations


Strength: With a running clock, 16 minutes (45s W; 15s R/T):

Station 1: Close Grip Bench Press

Station 2: Seated DB Press

Station 3: Barbell Pendlay Row

Station 4: Barbell FR Box Step Ups

*Execution: Pick a number for each working segment; share stations


WOD: For time:

-65 Thrusters

*Each time you break, you owe: 5 Bar-over-burpees and 5 Dips


L1: 135/95, BOB, Ring Dips

L2: 95/65, BOB, Ring Dips

L3: 75/55, BOB, Box Dips

L4: 50 DB Thrusters, Box Dips, Regular burpees