Tuesday October 23rd: 

Partner Tuesday!! 

For the squats: Percentages go up! Warm-up reps (2’s and 3’s) until you are at 60% of your 1RM. Then when you reach 60% begin your two sets of 10 reps at the 60%. Give yourself a lot of rest between the sets. 10 is A LOT! Breathe through it and focus on quality reps. 

Once your 2×10 is completed give yourself as much rest time as needed before you attempt your max reps set at 60%.

Skill: Pistols

Strength: Back Squat 

2 x 10 @ 60%

1 Max Effort Set

Metcon: Partner workout – 12 min AMRAP Relay Style

16 (double) DB power cleans

12 pull-ups

8 Pistols

4 D-Ball over shoulder

*Partner 1 must finish movement before partner 2 begins work on that movement*

*Follow the leader*

L1: 70/50, CTB, Pistols, 150/100

L2: 50/35, Pull-ups, 10 Scaled Pistols, 120/80

L3: 35/20, Assisted pull-ups, 16 Goblet Squat w/DB, 80/60

L4: 20/15, Ring rows, 16 goblet squats w/DB, slam ball