Thursday July 18th: 


Solid work on today’s Metcon, you guys were moving! 

Tomorrow: LOTS OF RUNNING… Bring lots water and plan on drinking lots of water. 

See you in the gym 


 Skill: Cleans 

Strength: Every 1:30 for 8 Rounds

3 Power Cleans 

*Increase weight each set, without exceeding 85%

Metcon: Every 5-mins for (3) Rounds 

800m Run 

Remaining Time: AMRAP DT 

*Pick-up where you left off in DT AMRAP*

L1: 155/105, 800m Run 

L2: 135/95, 800m Run 

L3: 95/65, 600m Run 

L4: 400m Run DB DT