It’s a Revolution


It’s a Revolution

Skill/Strength: Review the stations 


Strength: Part A, B, and C 

A.) Pull: 10-10-10 

False grip ring row to sternum elbows in knuckles together with body parallel to floor 

B.) Push: 8-8-8

Diamond push-up 

*Complete Parts A & B as a super set

C.)Technique: 5-5-5

Low ring transition while maintaining a false grip and feet under rings

*Once Parts A & B are completed, work through Part C (5-5-5) 


Metcon: (4) 3-min AMRAPS with 1-min Rest B/W (Alternate b/w the AMRAPS)

Within 3-mins 

Bike or Row (X) Calories 

Remaining Time: Pull-ups 


1-min Rest/Transition 


Within 3-mins 

12 D-Ball Over the Shoulder 

Remaining Time: Box Jumps 

Objective: Keep track of remaining time reps across the 4 rounds 


L1: 30/24 Cal., Ring Muscle-ups, 150/100, 30″/24″

L2: 30/24 Cal., CTB, 100/80, 24”/20″

L3: 20/16 Cal., Assisted or non-assisted Pull-ups, 80/60 or 24 Slam-Balls (25/20), 20″/17″ (Step-ups)

L4: 16/13 Cal., Ring Rows, 24 Slam-Balls (20/15), 20″/17″ (Step-ups)