Jump Ball


Jump Ball

Wednesday February 27th: 


Alrighty Points are in! Below is 19.1 Team Standings and points. 

1st Place: Tearing up my Hands when I’m with you (105 Total Weekly Points)

2nd Place: Generation Flex (102 Total Weekly Points)

3rd Place: Natural Born Kilos (89 Total Weekly Points)

4th Place: Dumbbelldore’s Army (80 Total Weekly Points) 

Still working out the prize details for WEEK 1 STAY TUNED :)~


+1 Point Everyone who completes the workout Scaled and enters an Open workout score online each week.

+2 Points Everyone who completes the workout Rx and enters an Open workout score online each week.


Male and Female scaled and Rx athletes will earn additional points by ranking in top 10 (among BCCF athletes)

10th place earns you 1 point

9th place earns you 2 points

8th place earns you 3 points

7th place earns you 4 points

6th place earns you 5 points

5th place earns you 6 points

4th place earns you 7 points

3rd place earns you 8 points

2nd place earns you 9 points

1st place earns you 10 points

Spirit Points (team): 

Teams will have the opportunity to earn points each week with a series of small, fun challenges that will inspire teamwork and Community. Points may also be awarded for exceptional hard work, PR’s and being super supportive!


Skill: Split Jerk Footwork

Strength: Clean & Jerk

3×1 @ 80%

-Build up in weight across 4-5 sets to get to 80%.. then stay there for 3 GREAT singles-

For Time, with a Partner! (20 Min Cap)

Row 2K (split however)


Trading Rounds Until 12 Rounds are complete as a team-

7 Power Cleans

12 OH Lunge


L1: 135/95, BFB

L2: 95/65, BFB

L3: 75/55, Row 1,500m, Bar Over Burpee

L4: DB Lunge, Row 1,250m, Regular Burpees