Jump Jump!!


Jump Jump!!

Aux Core: 3 Rounds for Quality

:35-second Handtand Hold or :35-second Plank

10 Glute Bridge Raises (10/leg)

Max Effort  Hang L-sit from the Rig

Single Arm Bottoms up KB Hold (Left) :30seconds

Single Arm Bottoms up KB Hold (Right) 30-seconds


Back Squats:2-2-2-2-2

:05 down and regular up

*Build UP method


15-12-9-6 with a 10-min Time cap



**In between each Round: 20 Double Unders


L1: 135/95, 24″/20″and Unbroken DUs

L2: 95/65, 24″/20″, DUs

L3: 75/55, 24″/20″ Step-overs, Singles (+) DU attempts, (12-9-6-3)

L4: DB S2OH, 17″/15″ Step-overs, Singles 1:2, (12-9-6-3)