Jump Jump


Jump Jump

Monday February 18th: 


Happy Sunday.. Hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. 

Can’t believe the open starts this week- Super excited to see what CrossFit has in store for us this Thursday. 

Don’t forget, we will have an announcement party Thursday 2/21. CF usually starts off the announcement at 8pm. Feel free to come up to the gym with your team or with the fam. Hope to see you there. 


-Back squat, and Wallballs. Start easy and get into a good pace through the intervals. 

Preview for the week: 



Wednesday-Push Press

Thursday-Sweat Sesh 

Friday-19.1 More details to come. Ideally get your 19.1 done during FRIDAY class times. 

See you in the gym! 


Skill: Mobilize for Back Squat

Strength: Back Squat 

(6-6-6-6-6-6) at 65%

*Rest PLENTY between sets**

MetconFor (4) Rounds.. (3-min work/1-min Rest) 

15 Wallballs

30 Double Unders 

15 Box Jump Overs

*Pick-up where you left off each round*

L1: 30/20, DUs, 24″/20″

L2: 20/14, DUs, 24″/20″ 

L3: 14/10, 1/2 at. (+) 1/2 singles, 20″/17″

L4: 10/8, Singles, 17″/15″