Kings and Queens


Kings and Queens

Thursday August 8th:


Cleans tomorrow! 

Hope everyone enjoyed today’s metcon :). 

See you in the gym 


Skill: Clean Pull/Hang Clean Pull/Hang Clean 

Strength: Every 90-seconds for 8 Rounds: Complex 

Complex: Clean Pull (+) Hang Clean Pull (+) Hang Power Clean 

**Try to increase in weight without losing form**

Metcon: (12)-min AMRAP 

Buy into each round: 20/15 Cal Row

Ascending Ladder by 5’s: Hang Power Cleans (5,10,15, etc)

*Every-time you break/drop HPC you owe: 8 T2B*

L1: 155/105, T2B

L2: 135/95, T2B

L3: 95/65, 14/10, K2E

L4: DB Hang Cleans, Ab-Mat Sit-ups