Last Resort


Last Resort

Skill: Rope Climbs


Skill EMOM: 8-min EMOM (Alternating) 

Station 1:  1-3 Rope Climbs

Station 2:  Handstand Skill (HSPU/Walking/Holds)


L1: 1-2 Legless Rope Climbs, 25ft Handstand Walk 

L2: 3 Rope Climbs, HSPU (Pick a number make it challenging or make them deficit or strict)

L3: 1-2 Rope Climbs, HSPU off a box (Pick a numnber of challening HSPU off a box) 

L4: 6-8 Strict Ring Rows (Slow), Pick a number of challenging Push-ups


Metcon: 3 Rounds with a Running clock.. Responsible for own rest 

10 Back Squats (From the Rack) 

200m Run 

(Rest 2-mins) 


Note: There is a chance of rain all day, for gaps in rain, run. However, do the run bike equivalent of a 200m Run


L1: 225/155

L2: 185/135 

L3: 135/95 

L4: Goblet Squats, 100m Run