Let Go


Let Go

Skill: Pistols

Strength: Within 18-mins…Tempo Back Squat (31X1)

5-5-5-5 (Heavier than last week)

Same tempo as last week (3 seconds down, 1 second in the bottom, eXplode up, and 1 second at the top)


Metcon: Every 3-mins for 9-mins

300/250m Row

6 Pistols (3/leg)

9 T2B



L1: 300/250m Row, Pistols, Unbroken T2B

L2: 300/250m Row, Pistols, T2B

L3: 250/200m Row, Scaled pistols, K2E

L4: 200/150m Row, Goblet squats, T2Rig